1. Who can apply for an ID code?

Operator or location owner.
MSP or CPO and/or location owners can apply for an ID code. Location owner is defined as  a natural or legal person owning a recharge unit to be identified by that ID code.

2. What is the procedure for obtaining an ID code?

To obtain an ID code, the applicant has to fill in the form available on www.pametnamobilnost.hr. CRO IDRO will examine the request and issue a decision to the applicant. After that, the ID code will be published in ID register within 24 hours.

3. Can I apply for an ID code both as MSP and CPO?

Yes, applications can be made for issuing an ID code as both MSP and CPO. ID code will be identical, e. g. BE-ABC.
In case a different ID code is needed for either activity (MSP or CPO), two separate applications should be made for two ID codes.

4. How can I change an ID code?

If you wish to change an ID code, you have to submit an official request on the webpage www.pametnamobilnost.hr.

5. What is the cost of issue of an ID code?

This service is free of charge.

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